Bring Down Hell

Finally got through this busy spell/writer’s block I’ve had. Just wrapping up a productive session on the second part of Seventh Circle – City of Guilt. Here’s another sampler tease:

“I don’t blame you for what just happened out there. It’s the system, it’s always been the fucking system. It’s taken me decades but I’m getting real close Dirk. The threads are coming together.”

“Together we can bring down hell.”

Night folks!



Time Heals Nothing

“They say that time is a healer.”
“But time has brought me nothing but pain.”
“I walk the city without purpose, desperately searching for my dad.”
“I keep hoping that one day I’ll just pass him in the street.”
“Our eyes will meet across the cracked tarmac and then, in that moment we’ll be a family again.”
“It’s been three years since he vanished, and that time has healed nothing.”
“There’s nothing left to do but get back into the game and take matters into my own hands.”
“I want answers.”


Things have been quiet on the Seventh Circle front as I’m putting together a separate short story, but I’ve got a new excerpt coming right up. Should have some art news in a week or three as well. Can’t wait to share.


Introducing Bailey

Bailey is one of the four demon kingpins standing between the Seventh Circle group and Satan. He’s a tough bastard who has – somehow – never been taken down, despite repeated attempts on his life. He always seems to survive. The ‘why’ behind his apparent luck, is a key plot point in part two of Seventh Circle – ‘City of Guilt’. It’s pretty ‘mind-blowing’.

Enough teasing from me. here’s Bailey:

Bailey: “Shame?”

Bailey: “Shame is a human emotion.”

Bailey: “I’m beyond comparison to your kind.”

Bailey: “Yet you feel the need to condemn us for simply doing something we have to in order to survive.”

Bailey: “You’re familiar with the human saying ‘heavy is the head that wears the crown’ yes?”

Bailey: “Well that’s just it.”

Bailey: “You don’t know us. You don’t know what it’s like to be condemned to this filthy, diseased place and try to act like were in charge of something worth ruling.”

Bailey: “This place is nothing to be proud of. You humans have clogged the city’s arteries with guilt and frailty.”

Bailey: “You have all sinned to end up in this place. None of your hands are clean, yet you come after us because we create order and purpose in an otherwise anarchistic place.”

Bailey: “Why do you fear the stability we bring to your chaotic lives?”

Bailey: “Without us, without our control…”

Bailey: “…you would wither and die.”

Bailey: “Come on.”

Bailey: “Tell me I’m not right.”

The entire Seventh Circle trilogy now has an ending (woo!)

The entire Seventh Circle trilogy – that is book 3: ‘War of the Statues’ – now has an ending, and the whole book two arc – ‘Raven’ –
has been done.

This may be highly presumptuous as book one hasn’t even been made yet but I guess you do have to consider where all of this is heading as you write.

I think that if this ever sees the light of day it’s going to be a pretty satisfying and shocking resolution that covers all bases. It’s certainly something I haven’t seen done before.

I just genuinely hope that somehow I get the chance to actually see it make the page one day.